May 10, 2016, paired wine tasting with Jeff Runquist Wines


Join us Tuesday evening, May 10, 2016, beginning at 5:30pm for a Runquist Wine and food pairing. Taste SEVEN of Jeff Runquist wines along with an appetizer buffet for $36 per person plus tax and gratuity.

Jeff travels throughout California to find just the right grapes for his vineyard-designated wines. The winery produces 22 different red and one white (muscat canelli) varietals from 9 appellations.

Jeff produces balanced wines that can be enjoyed in their youth but will also age and become more complex with time. All of Jeff’s wines share a theme of fresh fruit reflective of the varietal flavors inherent in the grapes. Jeff selects grapes from vineyards that provide rich full flavors without loads of astringent tannins.

Featured Wines:

2013 Runquist 1448 Red Blend, California

Deep, dark color with mature hues. The aromas lead with blue and black fruits, most notably black raspberry. The bouquet features sweet vanilla and hazelnut scents. The flavors are big and dense, with plenty of deeply concentrated ripe fruit framed with smoky deeply toasted oak. The succulent fruits flavors flow into a smoky toasted oak background. Our house style is noted for mature tannins, and this wine has plenty. A Wine Gallery Favorite!

2013 Runquist Cabernet Franc, Salman Vineyards, Clarksburg, California

Bright, youthful color of florescent purple. The aromas of the 2013 wine are classic for cabernet franc; cedar, graphite, dark cherry, cassis with a minty, smoky herbaceousness. Only ten months in oak with almost a third of the barrels imparting little to no oak character has put the aroma on center stage. A mellow bouquet of toasted oak and hazelnut will appear with some air and time in the glass. On the palate flavors of sweet, ripe black cherry, currants and mild green peppers come on a soft and elegantly textured wine that flows seamlessly to a smooth after-taste that makes it perfect for light fare.

2012 Runquist Grenache, Silvaspoon Vineyards, Lodi, California

Vivid violet-red color; gushy, high toned, strawberry coulis-like fragrance with smidgens of hazelnut-like wood complexities seeping out from the seams; and sharply defined, silky-fine texturing, giving the wine’s plump red berryishness a soft yet notably snappy, lip smacking, bright and lively feel. ~Judges Comments

2013 Runquist ‘Z’ Zinfandel, Massoni Ranch, Amador County, California

Deep purple with youthfully bright garnet hues. The aroma is loaded with black raspberry, dark cherry and boysenberry. The flavors are round and luscious and feature succulent red currants, raspberry and deeply toasted almost smoky oak. This exceptional body comes with mature integrated tannins which only add to the wine’s velvety texture.

2014 Runquist Petite Verdot, Damir Ranch, Stanislaus County, California

Very deep dark purple/black color with a hint of magenta that clings to the inside of the glass.  Aromatically this wine is loaded with bright perfumed dark fruits: blackberry, marionberry, black currant and pomegranate.  The bouquet takes a backseat to the strength of the fruit but does provide a sweet, toasted oak character with notes of milk chocolate.  On the pallet succulent, juicy flavors of black fruits are presented by a smooth elegant wine with a creamy silky texture.  The tannins are mature and well integrated providing richness without astringency.  The finish is long and flavors of hibiscus flowers, mineral and chalk linger well after the wine is gone.

2013 Runquist  Tannat, Silvaspoon Vineyards, Lodi, California

Luscious deep purple, but it is not quite inky. There is a magenta hue to the wine, and the way it clings to the inside wall of the wineglass is reminiscent of alicante bouschet. The aroma walks a delicate balance between dense, fully ripened black fruits, cassis, and blackberry preserves and that of a late harvest wine with plums moving to prunes and raisins.  A bouquet of dark chocolate, hazelnut and deeply toasted oak frames the ripe fruit.  Big, concentrated flavors of black currants and succulent ripe blackberries transition to flavors of patent malt and mocha.  Substantial, fully mature tannins add viscosity and fullness to the wine’s texture but are far from aggressive or astringent.

2013 Runquist  Syrah, Central Coast, California

Deep purple color accompanied by bright garnet hues. This is most defiantly a ‘New World’ Syrah. The aroma is loaded with intense boysenberry and blackberry; the fruit is bright, voluptuous and dominant. The subtle hazelnut nuanced bouquet takes a backseat to the deep, concentrated, dark fruits. On the palate big juicy flavors of ripe black fruits mingle with those of toasted oak with a mild dose of flint and mineral. Mature tannins add texture and richness without adding any drying astringency. This wine has plenty of acid, and I normally don’t suggest aging our Syrah, but this just might be the vintage to stash a couple of bottles in the corner of the cellar for a year or two. The finish is long and lingering leaving us with a veil of smoky deeply toasted/roasted oak.

Food Buffet to include:

  • Sausage stuffed mushrooms
  • Spinach stuffed mushrooms
  • Cheese service with crackers
  • Olives
  • Almonds
  • Mushroom stuffed puff pastry
  • Fresh pesto with pita chips
  • Blackberry Dijon BBQ beef brisket
  • Extra rich chocolate brownies

Other Runquist Wines available at The Wine Gallery………

2015 Muscat Canelli 184    20.00
2013 1448 Red Blend 30    14.48
2014 Petite Verdot 9    28.00
2012 Touriga 5    27.00
2013 Barbera Amador County 9    28.00
2013 Syrah 5    28.00
2014 Syrah 24    29.00
2013 Tannat 18    29.00
2012 Grenache 10    24.00
2013 Grenache 26    25.00
2014 Grenache 12    25.00
2013 Tempranillo 7    27.00
2013 Cabernet Franc 12    25.00
2014 Barbera Dick Cooper Vineyards 9    32.00
2013 Z Zinfandel 12    28.00
2010 R Zinfandel 1    27.00
2012 R Zinfandel 20    30.00
2013 R Zinfandel 2    30.00
2012 Cabernet Sauvignon Rancho Sarco Vineyards 4    38.00
2012 Primitivo 4    30.00
2013 Primitivo 2    29.00
2011 Sangiovese 5    27.00
2012 Sangiovese 14    28.00
2013 Sangiovese 12    28.00
2012 Carignane 4    30.00

Others Available Upon Special Request